Kob : History

K.O.B. was born and raised from the ashes of the 80's band called Wotan. After a decade when everyone took part to several different projects, they decided to bring the band back to life in 1997. The band started as a trio (Thierry Huylebroeck, guitars, Bruno Laguide, Drums and Michel Beaussart, Bass), but K.O.B. quickly joined forces with Stéphane Graziani (Vocals) in 1999 and Rodolphe Bousquet (2nd guitar) in 2000. 2001 will mainly be dedicated to the creation of the first album, "Mekanism of Time", out on the 27th of february 2002 through Brennus Music.

It's during the spring of this same year that François Mazetier came in in replacement for Michel Beaussart, who left for personal reasons. Since then, the band has been playing a few gigs, the main ones being at "Club Dunois" (february 2002), Raismes Festival (september 2002), or with Mike Tramp at the "New Morning" (july 2003). Their second album, recorded at the "Op'Us Systèmes" studio, not far from Paris went out on may 2004 through Anvil Corp. It is called "Strafe the Underdogs".

In the year 2007, Stéphane Graziani decides to leave the band, making the place over to Nicolas Blaizeau (E.X.I.T.). The following year will be dedicated to the conception of the band's third album, "Close to Dawn", recorded, mixed and mastered by Fred Rochette at the PnF Studios during the months of August and Seprember 2008.

The album will be out by the end of April 2009 through Brennus Music, and the band is rehearsing for its future gigs.